Wednesday, March 28, 2012

KIO Central Committee Announcement

28 March 2012
1. We are aware that in the announcement No. 16/2012, the Electoral Commission of the Union of Burma Government, issued on March 23, 2012, declared that in the electoral districts of Phakant Township, Bhamo Township, and Mogaung Township existing security conditions are inadequate for holding fair and lawful election.

2. We are also aware that on March 26, 2012, the Central Committee of the National League for Democracry (NLD) issued a statement indicating that it wishes to discuss the above-mentioned matter with the KIO with hope of overcoming the obstacles. Further, the NLD stated its belief that such a meeting with KIO might resolve the existing problems.

3. For the record, in the election of 2010 the KIO:
(a) did not denounce, nor made derogatory remarks about the election,
(b) totally refrained from hindering the electoral process,
(c) and for the purposes of citizens to vote according their beliefs and choices,
(d) and for copperation in assuring security,
the KIO issued on October 28, 2010, to all its functional units, instruction to the effect that the KIO would cooperate as above.

4. We welcome the news that the NLD desires to meet with us to discuss the issue of the coming election. If by the NLD meeting with the KIO substantive progress can be realized toward holding a fair and objective election in Kachin State we are prepared to help.

Central Committee,
KIO March 28, 2012

This translation is not requested by the KIO Central Committee and is not official. It is done to inform the outside world via the news media what decisions are being made and how, by Kachin political leaders in Laiza. Translation by SK-KAF/USA, March 28, 2012

Translator's note: Politically the KIO tries hard to be reasonable, always, but the heart of the KIO is the heart of the Kachin people. If the NLD in any sense insinuates that the KIO is responsible for the security lapse in the aforementioned areas, and if the NLD does not simultaneously plan to discuss the matter with the government, the NLD would have lost the soul of the Kachin people before setting out to meet the KIO. And the NLD will find the KIO perhaps rather intransigent. The government started this war on June 9, 2010, afterall, and the Kachin people have suffered far more than other nationals of the Union as consequence.

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