Wednesday, May 23, 2012

UPWC - RCSS/SSA: The 12 point agreement

The 12 point agreement
23 May 2012 14:47 S.H.A.N News - Shan Herald Agency for News

Union level Peacemaking Work Committee (UPWC) – Restoration Council of Shan State / Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA)

(Unofficial version)

Note The official version deals with military maters in several pages. Even SHAN editor, who was there as a consultant, has not been given a copy of it. The following therefore is a gist, not word by word translation, of the agreement. It there is any mistake, the blame is SHAN’s alone.

1.    The RCSS/SSA plan to cooperate in the eradication of illicit drugs is heartily received by the UPWC to be forwarded to the President for consideration

2.    The two sides will conduct a joint field survey

3.    The government will assist families of the RCSS/SSA members to earn adequate means of livelihood

4.    The government will assist the RCSS/SSA in the preservation and promotion of Shan literature and culture

5.    The RCSS/SSA is permitted to request assistance from and coordinate with NGOs and INGOs

6.    The RCSS/SSA will be allowed to register its Tai Freedom news agency after the new media law comes into effect

7.    Members and supporters of RCSS/SSA who are in prison will be released except for those who have been imprisoned on criminal charges

8.    A peace monitoring group will be formed before the end of July 2012 after nomination by the two sides of suitable persons

9.    The two sides will continue to build up mutual trust to enable the RCSS/SSA to be totally withdrawn from the list of unlawful associations

10. A special industrial zone will be set up in the area controlled by the RCSS/SSA

11. The RCSS/SSA is free to hold political consultations with individuals, groups and communities throughout the country

12. National ID cards will be issued to members, family members and people residing with the RCSS/SSA

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